#JennyJayneJune Dress Event for all June 2015!

For the month of June friends and I decided to make June the month of #JennyJayneJune- meaning each day in June we’d wear either a Jenny Dress, Jenny Skirt or Jayne dress from Pinup Girl Clothing! over the last year and a half I have been collecting Jenny skirts (after realizing can *fit* into the 2x in most) and Jenny dresses because they came available in plus sizes! While I haven’t purchased any Jayne dresses (I don’t really ‘do’ wiggles) I am so excited to be apart of  fun fashion/fatshion challenge! a few of my pieces are now considered ‘unicorn status’  because of them no longer being in production and rarely available on ebay or swap pages-I’ll try not feature those as I know how much it sucks to love something not available anymore.

First up is one of my favorite pairings! I only recently in the last few months purchased the ‘original harlequin’ print from PUG- and paired it with literally my favorite top of 2014/2015- Sabrina top also from PUG. I LOVE the pinks together and split that up with a solid black wide belt also from PUG. The Sabrina tops go well with EVERY SINGLE SKIRT EVER. In both of these I am taking a 2XL where as with the belt I size up to a 3X.

the skirt can be found here original harlequin and the top can be found here Pink Sabrina Top


Next in my #JennyJayneJune challenge was a first time pairing and wearing! I paire my 3XL Jenny Dress in Solid Black, with my Her Universe X-Wing Cardigan in navy and pieced with this a navy wide belt from PUG in 3XL. I had been the temperature inside a taun-taun (Luke-Warm heeyo) with Her Universe- I find their shipping outside of the USA to be really costly and I really dislike how nothing ever restocks despite the item selling out that said when more pieces were being offered in plus size, and being a star wars fan I wanted this cardigan (I also wanted the Hoth dress, however, the 3x fits hilariously small and will be turned into a lovely skirt). The cardigan is VERY well made. The buttons don’t feel cheap, the fabric doesn’t feel cheap, the embroidery is also nice with no threads poking out anywhere- for $50 (well $70 when you factor in shipping to Canada and no, I won’t be thinking of the CAD conversion or the duty because then it suddenly becomes a freaking $110 cardigan and that is just stupid) I’m happy with it! and I like how it fits my really short waist. The Dress can be found here: Black Jenny Dress and the cardigan can be found here: X Wing Cardigan


Pinup Girl Clothing has partnered up with a wonderful artist named Stephanie Buscema- the first collaboration was done in 2014 with a Jenny Dress and Jenny Skirt in a Snow-White print, as well as the Lydia and Mexican skirt in an adorable Mermaid print.  This was my 2nd Jenny dress purchase and I absolutely love the colors (so many options for cardigans, belts, shoes, brooches!). I did pair this with a cropped red cardigan from Forever21- which is super long gone, but I have an alternate for you 🙂 my brooch is also a purchase from a great Etsy seller I discovered last year as well- Poison of Choice Brooches and more! you might have seen Yuliana’s work over for sale on the PUG website as well as for sale in a few of the Tatyana stores in Las Vegas. I have quite a few Poison of Choice pieces and I absolutely love them all! the poison apple brooch is PERFECT for the SnowWhite Jenny dress and skirt! you can find the Snow White Jenny here and the alternate cropped cardigan I mentioned here.



the final two pieces I wore for #JennyJayneJune are SO much fun- the Oranges Jenny skirt literally just came out in sizes 3-4X- I sized up to a 3X in this and while it’s an inch or so too big, there is just no chance the 2X would have fit comfortable (I have friends who have it and it measures 37 inches). The Oranges Jenny skirt IS shorter compared to other Jenny skirts but is similar to the Trains, Commuter, Alice in Wonderland aka shorter lengths. I paired my green Sabrina top and black wide belt also from PUG to complete my look- I will say the green Sabrina seems shorter to the others, I felt it kept riding up? in anycase it’s perfect for being tucked into a skirt, for example, not sure how it would work for me and pants-so it will remain a top for skirts. You can find the skirt here and the top here.  Last piece! the Commuters Jenny Dress- also sized into a 3X with this (I might sound like a broken record- but in all Jenny dresses I size into a 3X). I LOVE the Mary Blair collection, I wish it would continue and have even more pieces! I actually really like the olive color and the print reminds me of  my grandma (shout-out to hip grannies!) the Commuters Jenny dress can be found here


remember if you’re going to take part on instagram/facebook use the #JennyJayneJune so we can all track what we wore!




Cats, Dinosaurs, Hula Honeys a review on Heart of Haute and Folter/Retrolicious

As mentioned all the time, I am a huge nerd when it comes to novelty prints- give me cats, dinosaurs, pooches, food, star wars, anything out of the ordinary and it’s likely to be in my closet room!

I have referenced Heart of Haute before for their ability to custom size or custom make an existing dress in a neat fabric and this review focuses on their Monique and Maybeline styles in two custom ordered prints.  I only recently discovered the Maybeline dress via a boxing-day sale over at a great Canadian store called Rowena/Retroglam– I am SO glad I did make the purchase as it’s now one of my favorite styles for spring and summer. Earlier this year by following HOH’s instagram I noticed two new prints-a pinkish/red with white kitty faces and a blue with white kitty faces- anything cat for me=SOLD. I emailed their sales department to see if it were possible to get the pink/red fabric made into a Maybeline, and yep! it was. here it is!

Even more amazing?! this dress has POCKETS! I paired this with my white TUK Kitty Flats and a favorite brooch of mine, ‘Ask me about my cat!’ purchased via Etsy.


The next super fun HOH dress I had customized was again a Monique, but this time I had her made in their adorable Hula Honey print! Hawaiian anything is something I love as I was born in Hawaii and that is where I’d say 90 percent of my family is based. Growing up and even now anything with pineapples, palm leaves, and hula skirts are found throughout my home and my mom’s home 🙂 The colors on this print are SO vibrant! I just love it- I paired this with a slide-belt from Pinup Girl Clothing, as I find the fabric belts with any dress usually kind of flimsy so they become cat toys.


Both styles can be found here: Maybeline Dress and Monique Dress if you’d like to find more about custom pieces I’d suggest reaching out directly to them- I’ve dealt with Alisa who can be found here: orders@heartofhaute.com

Next up is a brand I became familiar with thanks to Mod-Cloth! Folter/Retrolicious is another great resource for plus-size fun novelty prints AND they’re made in the USA! I will mention that Mod-Cloth tends to stock exclusive prints so most of the time if it’s sold out at Mod-Cloth it’s unlikely Folter will stock and resell the item, but it has happened. Folter/Retrolicious go up to size 4XL, I would recommend anyone/everyone to check their measurements against that of the size chart- I am a solid 2XL in Folter/Retrolicious clothing, however I have had to shorten straps due to my T-Rex arms.

Speaking of T-Rex take a look at this AMAZING Dinosaur print dress WITH POCKETS! This dress sold out SO quickly- as soon as it hit the site I emailed to see if it was available and 2X, and thankfully scored the final 2X- not to worry dinosaur pals, as Mod-Cloth has the dress here, if your size is sold out- WAITLIST. you can also find the dress here at folter and again if your size is missing I would contact their sales department- the more inquiries or waitlists for an item, the more likely it is to restock 🙂



This next dress also made by Folter/Retrolicious is one of my current favorites-the fit is just perfect, no altering or adjusting needed, it has pockets, and omg cats in a library setting! Mod-Cloth carried the skirt version of this print (which I have and do love) and now Folter/Retrolicious have a dress version found here. One thing to keep in mind with all four of these dresses would be length- I am 5’1 so I find no problems with the length but taller ladies might find them a bit short.


I hope you find a new piece you can love as much as I love these! All of the items featured and reviewed are just that- my items meaning I have purchased them, and I have not been asked to review them or have been gifted them. As mentioned before I am a size 18- 46-38-47 and generally a size 2XL in most Retro/Vintage Inspired clothing.








Purple and Hawaiian- Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny and Hawaiian Hideaway Dress Review

As a longtime Pinup Girl Clothing fan who lives out of the USA and nowhere near Southern California I have long wanted to participate in their famous yard sale- the rush of going through the 2-3X dress racks to score an amazing deal and possibly a rare item sounds SO amazing! alas, I’ve not yet had said experience but have no frowns puggles outside of California! PUG has added a new section to their website known as the Online Yard Sale (OYS)!

The OYS section has been slated to update  http://middletown.elpulpotapasbar.com/?p=13 every Thursday, however, there have been Thursdays when this did not happen. It’s best to check continually/obsessively as you WILL find a great deal to be had in sizes XS-4X (depending on items of course) the great thing about the OYS is that NONE of the items are damaged or not fit for resale meaning these are all New with Tags ready to be worn pieces!! As with all final sale items, the OYS is no different meaning no returns, no refunds, nada.

Items will NOT restock once they are sold out so if there is a piece in your cart and you are worried about it selling out make sure to click check out! I’ve had the experience where oops I may have had 3 separate orders from the same sale on the same day as items had been added as I was checking out or once I had thought I was finished.

here are two of my most recent purchases that I am SO happy with! Remember with PUG it’s always best to go by *your* measurements and that of the item you are looking at. I tend to read any reviews on the items I want to buy before purchasing to  make sure the item, for example doesn’t run a full size smaller or larger. In my experience, most items have fit true to size with a few exceptions.

up first is the Deadly Dames Hawaiian Hideaway dress in size 2X. This is a style I thought I wasn’t into until I saw it on other ladies- seeing this solidified that yep I do wish to own it! a couple weeks back the OYS had a major update of nearly everything Hawaiian including the three Deadly Dames Hawaiian Hideaways in Purple (pictured), Red/Orange, and a lovely Blue/Green. At retail these are EACH $160 USD- the OYS had them marked down to a smashing $60USD each!!


I have found in most Deadly Dames pieces I am more comfortable in a 3X, however, I was in an ‘add to cart’ blur that I completely missed the Deadly Dames part of the dress and went with my regular PUG 2x. This dress is beautifully constructed- the colors are vibrant in person and the bolero (included with each dress) ties the dress together I think quite well! the 2X is a great fit- I like the bust area to  be fitted and due to the construction/firmness of the bust area I could (if I wanted) go sans bra. In this photo, I am wearing a strapless- the Elomi Maria. I personally find even when fit correctly, strapless bras just aren’t comfortable, which is one reason I dislike halter style dresses.

Bonuses about this dress: bolero, fitted bust=enough support, AND pockets! Pockets are the best addition or feature to a dress in my humble opinion. My heels are a long sold out/discontinued pair from Miss L Fire.

Dress Number 2 purchased from the most recent OYS (last week specifically) is the gorgeous and lush Dark Purple Jenny Dress in 3X.

Let’s talk about the Jenny Dress- since the arrival of the Jenny Dress I have longed to try and own them all, however, I found the 2X just too small in the waist. This dress I find personally has zero give at the waist so for me, it is important to size up to the 3X. Seeing this in the OYS last week I added to cart immediately and checked out, which I am glad I did since this dress sold out completely.

This purple is SO lush and saturated in person! I paired this with a 3XL Wide Belt also from PUG- specifically from my Doris skirt. I had never been into belts before PUG, and I am only a recent convert to the wide belt. I think this has a lot to do with grommet belts from PUG tend run a few inches shorter so while the 2X dress will fit me the matching grommet belt will either JUST clasp or is nowhere near fitting and just not having it. Slide belts (found the with Nettie Dress and Heidi Dress, Annalise Dress for example) fit me with no issue. I’ll be featuring more of the Wide Belt’s with my Jenny dresses!



my shoes are the TUK Kitty Flats- as a proud cat-lady I make sure to have some kind of cat face on my person 😉

I look forward to the next OYS purchases!


welcome to my little corner of the internet that is full of cats, my cats, internet cats, your cats, and my love of plus size Retro/Repo Vintage Inspired Fatshion.

up first is a small review on one of my favorite pieces of clothing- the Heidi dress from PinupGirlClothing  is hands down the dress of all dresses- I have seen this dress fit the very small to the very large and each person who wears the Heidi looks fantastic.

This particular Heidi is  can i get Lamictal without rx very dear to me for a couple of reasons:


This Heidi was actually gifted to me by the team at Pinup Girl Clothing- not to review, but because they are an amazing company of lovely women who acknowledged my love of cats, the Heidi dress (I have all 28!) and that I had previously spent time to assisting potential buyers on the fit of specific items.


This Heidi is a part of the Mary Blair Collection that Pinup Girl Clothing has produced for part of the Spring 2015 line- this particular print is also available in a Jenny skirt.

This is my usual size of 2XL- I found it ran true to their size-chart. The KEY for fitting into PUG pieces is to go by the measurements of the item, as well as going by *your* measurements. I am 46-38-47.

also pictured is my amazing Dooney and Burke Star Wars purse that my lovely husband and cats and Rolo the wonderpup got me for my birthday in April 🙂


This dress is Watson EL Woo Woo Approved 😉