welcome to my little corner of the internet that is full of cats, my cats, internet cats, your cats, and my love of plus size Retro/Repo Vintage Inspired Fatshion.

up first is a small review on one of my favorite pieces of clothing- the Heidi dress from PinupGirlClothing  is hands down the dress of all dresses- I have seen this dress fit the very small to the very large and each person who wears the Heidi looks fantastic.

This particular Heidi is  source site very dear to me for a couple of reasons:


This Heidi was actually gifted to me by the team at Pinup Girl Clothing- not to review, but because they are an amazing company of lovely women who acknowledged my love of cats, the Heidi dress (I have all 28!) and that I had previously spent time to assisting potential buyers on the fit of specific items.


This Heidi is a part of the Mary Blair Collection that Pinup Girl Clothing has produced for part of the Spring 2015 line- this particular print is also available in a Jenny skirt.

This is my usual size of 2XL- I found it ran true to their size-chart. The KEY for fitting into PUG pieces is to go by the measurements of the item, as well as going by *your* measurements. I am 46-38-47.

also pictured is my amazing Dooney and Burke Star Wars purse that my lovely husband and cats and Rolo the wonderpup got me for my birthday in April 🙂


This dress is Watson EL Woo Woo Approved 😉

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