Purple and Hawaiian- Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny and Hawaiian Hideaway Dress Review

As a longtime Pinup Girl Clothing fan who lives out of the USA and nowhere near Southern California I have long wanted to participate in their famous yard sale- the rush of going through the 2-3X dress racks to score an amazing deal and possibly a rare item sounds SO amazing! alas, I’ve not yet had said experience but have no frowns puggles outside of California! PUG has added a new section to their website known as the Online Yard Sale (OYS)!

The OYS section has been slated to update  source url every Thursday, however, there have been Thursdays when this did not happen. It’s best to check continually/obsessively as you WILL find a great deal to be had in sizes XS-4X (depending on items of course) the great thing about the OYS is that NONE of the items are damaged or not fit for resale meaning these are all New with Tags ready to be worn pieces!! As with all final sale items, the OYS is no different meaning no returns, no refunds, nada.

Items will NOT restock once they are sold out so if there is a piece in your cart and you are worried about it selling out make sure to click check out! I’ve had the experience where oops I may have had 3 separate orders from the same sale on the same day as items had been added as I was checking out or once I had thought I was finished.

here are two of my most recent purchases that I am SO happy with! Remember with PUG it’s always best to go by *your* measurements and that of the item you are looking at. I tend to read any reviews on the items I want to buy before purchasing to  make sure the item, for example doesn’t run a full size smaller or larger. In my experience, most items have fit true to size with a few exceptions.

up first is the Deadly Dames Hawaiian Hideaway dress in size 2X. This is a style I thought I wasn’t into until I saw it on other ladies- seeing this solidified that yep I do wish to own it! a couple weeks back the OYS had a major update of nearly everything Hawaiian including the three Deadly Dames Hawaiian Hideaways in Purple (pictured), Red/Orange, and a lovely Blue/Green. At retail these are EACH $160 USD- the OYS had them marked down to a smashing $60USD each!!


I have found in most Deadly Dames pieces I am more comfortable in a 3X, however, I was in an ‘add to cart’ blur that I completely missed the Deadly Dames part of the dress and went with my regular PUG 2x. This dress is beautifully constructed- the colors are vibrant in person and the bolero (included with each dress) ties the dress together I think quite well! the 2X is a great fit- I like the bust area to  be fitted and due to the construction/firmness of the bust area I could (if I wanted) go sans bra. In this photo, I am wearing a strapless- the Elomi Maria. I personally find even when fit correctly, strapless bras just aren’t comfortable, which is one reason I dislike halter style dresses.

Bonuses about this dress: bolero, fitted bust=enough support, AND pockets! Pockets are the best addition or feature to a dress in my humble opinion. My heels are a long sold out/discontinued pair from Miss L Fire.

Dress Number 2 purchased from the most recent OYS (last week specifically) is the gorgeous and lush Dark Purple Jenny Dress in 3X.

Let’s talk about the Jenny Dress- since the arrival of the Jenny Dress I have longed to try and own them all, however, I found the 2X just too small in the waist. This dress I find personally has zero give at the waist so for me, it is important to size up to the 3X. Seeing this in the OYS last week I added to cart immediately and checked out, which I am glad I did since this dress sold out completely.

This purple is SO lush and saturated in person! I paired this with a 3XL Wide Belt also from PUG- specifically from my Doris skirt. I had never been into belts before PUG, and I am only a recent convert to the wide belt. I think this has a lot to do with grommet belts from PUG tend run a few inches shorter so while the 2X dress will fit me the matching grommet belt will either JUST clasp or is nowhere near fitting and just not having it. Slide belts (found the with Nettie Dress and Heidi Dress, Annalise Dress for example) fit me with no issue. I’ll be featuring more of the Wide Belt’s with my Jenny dresses!



my shoes are the TUK Kitty Flats- as a proud cat-lady I make sure to have some kind of cat face on my person 😉

I look forward to the next OYS purchases!

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