Cats, Dinosaurs, Hula Honeys a review on Heart of Haute and Folter/Retrolicious

go to site As mentioned all the time, I am a huge nerd when it comes to novelty prints- give me cats, dinosaurs, pooches, food, star wars, anything out of the ordinary and it’s likely to be in my closet room!

I have referenced Heart of Haute before for their ability to custom size or custom make an existing dress in a neat fabric and this review focuses on their Monique and Maybeline styles in two custom ordered prints.  I only recently discovered the Maybeline dress via a boxing-day sale over at a great Canadian store called Rowena/Retroglam– I am SO glad I did make the purchase as it’s now one of my favorite styles for spring and summer. Earlier this year by following HOH’s instagram I noticed two new prints-a pinkish/red with white kitty faces and a blue with white kitty faces- anything cat for me=SOLD. I emailed their sales department to see if it were possible to get the pink/red fabric made into a Maybeline, and yep! it was. here it is!

Even more amazing?! this dress has POCKETS! I paired this with my white TUK Kitty Flats and a favorite brooch of mine, ‘Ask me about my cat!’ purchased via Etsy.


The next super fun HOH dress I had customized was again a Monique, but this time I had her made in their adorable Hula Honey print! Hawaiian anything is something I love as I was born in Hawaii and that is where I’d say 90 percent of my family is based. Growing up and even now anything with pineapples, palm leaves, and hula skirts are found throughout my home and my mom’s home 🙂 The colors on this print are SO vibrant! I just love it- I paired this with a slide-belt from Pinup Girl Clothing, as I find the fabric belts with any dress usually kind of flimsy so they become cat toys.


Both styles can be found here: Maybeline Dress and Monique Dress if you’d like to find more about custom pieces I’d suggest reaching out directly to them- I’ve dealt with Alisa who can be found here:

Next up is a brand I became familiar with thanks to Mod-Cloth! Folter/Retrolicious is another great resource for plus-size fun novelty prints AND they’re made in the USA! I will mention that Mod-Cloth tends to stock exclusive prints so most of the time if it’s sold out at Mod-Cloth it’s unlikely Folter will stock and resell the item, but it has happened. Folter/Retrolicious go up to size 4XL, I would recommend anyone/everyone to check their measurements against that of the size chart- I am a solid 2XL in Folter/Retrolicious clothing, however I have had to shorten straps due to my T-Rex arms.

Speaking of T-Rex take a look at this AMAZING Dinosaur print dress WITH POCKETS! This dress sold out SO quickly- as soon as it hit the site I emailed to see if it was available and 2X, and thankfully scored the final 2X- not to worry dinosaur pals, as Mod-Cloth has the dress here, if your size is sold out- WAITLIST. you can also find the dress here at folter and again if your size is missing I would contact their sales department- the more inquiries or waitlists for an item, the more likely it is to restock 🙂



This next dress also made by Folter/Retrolicious is one of my current favorites-the fit is just perfect, no altering or adjusting needed, it has pockets, and omg cats in a library setting! Mod-Cloth carried the skirt version of this print (which I have and do love) and now Folter/Retrolicious have a dress version found here. One thing to keep in mind with all four of these dresses would be length- I am 5’1 so I find no problems with the length but taller ladies might find them a bit short.


I hope you find a new piece you can love as much as I love these! All of the items featured and reviewed are just that- my items meaning I have purchased them, and I have not been asked to review them or have been gifted them. As mentioned before I am a size 18- 46-38-47 and generally a size 2XL in most Retro/Vintage Inspired clothing.








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