welcome to my little corner of the internet that is full of cats, my cats, internet cats, your cats, and my love of plus size Retro/Repo Vintage Inspired Fatshion.

up first is a small review on one of my favorite pieces of clothing- the Heidi dress from PinupGirlClothing  is hands down the dress of all dresses- I have seen this dress fit the very small to the very large and each person who wears the Heidi looks fantastic.

This particular Heidi is very dear to me for a couple of reasons:


This Heidi was actually gifted to me by the team at Pinup Girl Clothing- not to review, but because they are an amazing company of lovely women who acknowledged my love of cats, the Heidi dress (I have all 28!) and that I had previously spent time to assisting potential buyers on the fit of specific items.


This Heidi is a part of the Mary Blair Collection that Pinup Girl Clothing has produced for part of the Spring 2015 line- this particular print is also available in a Jenny skirt.

This is my usual size of 2XL- I found it ran true to their size-chart. The KEY for fitting into PUG pieces is to go by the measurements of the item, as well as going by *your* measurements. I am 46-38-47.

also pictured is my amazing Dooney and Burke Star Wars purse that my lovely husband and cats and Rolo the wonderpup got me for my birthday in April 🙂


This dress is Watson EL Woo Woo Approved 😉